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10 OUT OF 10

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10 OUT OF 10

Experience sheer awe with ’10 Out of 10′ by Celtic Fireworks! This 100-shot barrage packs 68 seconds of multi-coloured brilliance, ensuring every moment is a visual and auditory delight. Safety meets spectacle with a 25m safe distance.


20 in stock

20 in stock

Firework attribute - distance


25 Metres
Firework attribute - shots


Firework attribute - duration


70 Seconds
Firework attribute - noise level

Noise Level

Firework attribute - height of firework


20 Metres
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Firing Pattern

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A Firework Showstopper That Lives Up to Its Name

Prepare to be entranced by ’10 Out of 10,’ a firework display that’s truly a masterpiece in pyrotechnics. Crafted by the renowned Celtic Fireworks, this is no ordinary firework; it’s an experience that promises to leave you and your audience in awe. From its captivating effects to its meticulous design, every aspect of this firework promises a performance that’s nothing short of a perfect ten.

Firework Features That Captivate

  • 100 Shots: From the moment you ignite ’10 Out of 10,’ you’re ushered into a dazzling world of pyrotechnic artistry. Each of its 100 shots is a marvel, offering a myriad of effects and colors that keep you captivated from the first spark to the final boom.
  • 68-Second Duration: This isn’t a quick flash in the pan; this is a full 68 seconds of back-to-back excitement. Each second unveils a new visual treat, from cascading gold to whirlwinds of silver, ensuring that the spectacle holds your attention for its entire duration.
  • 25 Meters Safe Distance: Safety is as much a priority as spectacle. Designed with a 25-meter safe distance, ’10 Out of 10′ allows you to enjoy the show without worrying about the well-being of your audience.
  • Loud Noise Level: This is more than just a feast for the eyes; it’s an auditory extravaganza. Each explosion is accompanied by a resounding boom, adding an extra layer of excitement to the visual spectacle.

Why Settle for Less?

In a world where every firework promises brilliance, ’10 Out of Ten’ delivers on that promise and then some. It’s the epitome of fireworks craftsmanship, melding colour, sound, and safety into a single, unforgettable experience. So why settle for anything less than perfection? Illuminate the night sky like never before with ’10 Out of 10.’

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10 OUT OF 10

Original price was: £142.99.Current price is: £99.99.


20 in stock