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Dive into 55 seconds of ethereal enchantment with Bewitched boasting 100 shots of golden artistry, vibrant stars, mesmerising strobes, and captivating crackling dragon eggs.


20 in stock

20 in stock

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25 Metres
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55 Seconds
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Noise Level

Firework attribute - height of firework


20 Metres
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Bewitched: A Pyrotechnic Spell of Golden Firework Splendour

In the orchestra of night-time magic, Bewitched stands out as the soloist, commanding attention and drawing gasps of wonder from onlookers. Allow Paul’s Fireworks to introduce you to a spectacle that isn’t just a firework, but a story told in lights and colours.

Embark on a 55-second journey, where every second unravels a new tale. From the gentle luminance of gold effects to the vibrant embrace of multi-coloured stars, Bewitched is a celebration of contrasts and harmonies.

Firework Strobe Spectacle

As the barrage unfurls, strobes burst forth, creating a flickering tableau of lights that dazzle and dance, casting an almost hypnotic allure upon the beholder.

The Dragon’s Embrace: Towards the crescendo, the skies will resonate with the golden crackling of dragon eggs, a spectacle both audacious and awe-inspiring, reminiscent of ancient tales and mythical beasts.

Balanced Brilliance: With its medium noise level, Bewitched strikes a harmonious balance. It ensures your event remains atmospheric and immersive, without overwhelming the senses.

Choosing Bewitched isn’t just about selecting a firework; it’s about curating an experience. An experience where every spark and burst narrates a tale of enchantment, where the skies aren’t just lit, but are transformed into a canvas of dreams and desires. With Paul’s Fireworks, every celebration gains a touch of the ethereal, ensuring memories that linger, long after the last golden glimmer fades into the night.

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Original price was: £94.99.Current price is: £67.49.


20 in stock