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Experience the dynamic duo of Bill & Ben, bringing over 3 minutes of relentless pyrotechnic splendour to your celebrations. With a combined 140 shots, this barrage firework duo promises a sky bursting with colours, patterns, and sounds.


20 in stock

20 in stock

Firework attribute - distance


25 Metres
Firework attribute - shots


2 x 70
Firework attribute - duration


218 Seconds
Firework attribute - noise level

Noise Level

Firework attribute - height of firework


25 Metres
Firework attribute - firing pattern

Firing Pattern

Firework attribute - distance from firework

Tube Size

Firework attribute - hazard category

Hazard Category

Firework attribute - weight

Powder Weight



Bill & Ben: Outrageous & Awesome Fireworks

Stellar Duo in the Night Sky:

In the expansive canvas of the night, two radiant stars, Bill & Ben, burst forth in harmony. They dance, shimmer, and intertwine their luminous trails, offering an unparalleled duo performance that captivates and transcends the ordinary.

Firework Tandem of Time & Brilliance:

Experience the allure of 140 synchronised shots as Bill & Ben dazzle the audience with their combined prowess. With over 218 seconds of celestial wonder, each cake engages onlookers for more than 100 seconds, keeping the heavens aglow and the night alive with magic.

  • Kaleidoscope of Wonders: Beyond just the sheer number of shots, Bill & Ben celebrate a spectrum of pyrotechnic artistry. Witness a gamut of effects from glimmering trails to explosive starbursts. Their combined palette of vibrant colours and patterns ensures that they stand out, making every event they grace truly special.
  • Synchronised Splendour: While each firework is a marvel in its own right, their combined performance champions the spirit of unity and harmony. As they are sold together, Bill & Ben epitomise the essence of partnership, where each augments the beauty of the other.


Journey into a universe where the skies tell tales of wonder, and every burst speaks of art and passion. With Bill & Ben, ensure that your occasions are not just events, but celestial symphonies that linger in memories forever.

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Original price was: £279.99.Current price is: £197.99.


20 in stock