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Dominator – Command the skies with a 100-shot, high-intensity barrage firework, delivering dual-calibre brilliance in a swift 50-second spectacle.


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20 in stock

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25 Metres
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50 Seconds
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Noise Level

Firework attribute - height of firework


20 Metres
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Dominator: When the Skies Yield to Sheer Pyrotechnic Power

The vastness of the night sky, with its quiet whispers and ancient secrets, often needs something monumental to awaken its true potential. That something is Dominator, designed not just to complement the night but to take absolute command of it.

Dual Delight in Every Launch

Dominator doesn’t believe in single acts. Packed within are two large calibre display cakes, working in harmony to ensure that the sky is constantly ablaze with their combined brilliance. This dual offering amplifies the spectacle, making every moment feel twice as grand.

The spirit of Dominator draws from professional-grade fireworks used in the most prestigious events. It’s designed to offer everyone the opportunity to experience the kind of pyrotechnic prowess usually reserved for grand occasions.

50 Seconds of Unyielding Brilliance: While some fireworks spread their magic thinly across time, Dominator believes in concentrated impact. In a swift but incredibly intense 50 seconds, it unfolds a tale of dazzling patterns, vibrant hues, and mesmerising effects. Every second counts, and every shot is a testament to pyrotechnic perfection.

Soundscapes of Awe: But Dominator isn’t just a visual marvel. With its high noise level, it crafts a soundscape that resonates with the heartbeats of its audience, creating an immersive experience that’s hard to forget.

Safety Meets Showmanship: Despite its intense performance, Dominator is designed with the utmost precision to ensure safety. Its straight firing pattern ensures predictable launches without compromising the grandeur of the show.

The Promise of Dominator: The night sky has borne witness to countless stories and memories. With Dominator, it’s not just about adding to that tapestry but creating moments that stand out, moments that redefine celebrations. It’s a firework that promises to turn every event into a grand spectacle, every gathering into a festival of lights and sounds.

For celebrations that demand an authoritative touch, where the sky needs to resonate with the spirit of the event below, Dominator is the choice. Elevate your events, create memories, and let the night sky know who’s in charge.

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Original price was: £199.99.Current price is: £179.99.


20 in stock