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Doomsday – Dive into a sky-bracing spectacle of luminance and firework lore. With 500 shots in a swift 75 seconds, this barrage firework reshapes the heavens, promising an apocalyptic dance of colours and sound.


20 in stock

20 in stock

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25 Metres
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75 Seconds
Firework attribute - noise level

Noise Level

Firework attribute - height of firework


20 Metres
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Firing Pattern

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Hazard Category

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Doomsday - When the Sky Narrates a Tale of Firework Epochs and Elements

As the canvas of night unravels, there’s a force waiting to be unleashed. The Doomsday firework doesn’t just adorn the sky; it commands it, reshaping the celestial tales with its formidable display.

Harnessing the power of 500 shots, Doomsday creates a celestial cascade. In just 75 seconds, it crafts an uninterrupted sequence of bursts, each more mesmerising than the last. It’s a visual symphony, where every note is meticulously orchestrated for maximum impact.

Doomsday’s repertoire isn’t limited to sheer volume. Each shot is a handpicked chapter of the greater saga. From the radiant arcs created by multi-coloured comets to the haunting allure of screeching whistles and the ethereal beauty of glittering tails, every effect weaves a unique narrative. This is complemented by deep booms that resonate, echoing the profound mysteries of the universe.

Firework Grandeur Made Accessible

A spectacle of this magnitude often carries a hefty price tag. Yet, Doomsday shatters this convention. While it promises an epic, sky-defining experience, its affordability ensures that grand displays aren’t just for grand occasions.

  • A Medium Roar with Mighty Effects: Though termed as a medium noise level firework, don’t be fooled. The soundscape of Doomsday is meticulously designed to complement its visual splendour, ensuring every burst is felt deep within, resonating with the heartbeat of the night.


Amidst the myriad of fireworks that aim to captivate, few promise an odyssey that’s both magnificent and memorable. Doomsday isn’t just another firework; it’s an event, an experience, an epoch in itself. As it lights up the sky, it also lights up faces, leaving behind tales of a night where the cosmos danced to the tunes of Doomsday.

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Original price was: £124.99.Current price is: £99.99.


20 in stock