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Revisit the splendour of yester-years with Gold Rush as the night transforms into a gilded panorama. Every shot unravels a mesmerising gold brocade crown, echoing the euphoria of striking gold.


20 in stock

20 in stock

Firework attribute - distance


8 Metres
Firework attribute - shots


Firework attribute - duration


45 Seconds
Firework attribute - noise level

Noise Level

Firework attribute - height of firework


15 Metres
Firework attribute - firing pattern

Firing Pattern

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Tube Size

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Hazard Category

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Powder Weight



Gold Rush: Echoing the Grandeur of an Era, One Golden Firework Burst at a Time

Immerse yourself in the lore of legends, the tales of prospectors, and the allure of hidden treasures. Gold Rush is not just a firework, it’s a time machine that transports you back to a world where every glint held a promise, and every speck sparked dreams of untold fortunes.

Belying its garden barrage stature, Gold Rush delivers an impact befitting a titan. Its 36 shots craft a tale of epic proportions, with each detonation promising a spectacle reminiscent of fireworks that dwarf its size.

A Night Drenched in Gold Fireworks:

Every single burst from Gold Rush manifests as a magnificent gold brocade crown. The night turns into a canvas of shimmering gold, every inch of it echoing the allure of the age-old Gold Rush era.

  • Sustained Spectacle: Gold Rush isn’t a mere fleeting marvel. From the initial shimmer to the final glisten, it ensures a relentless display of splendor. Each moment becomes an ode to the golden age, keeping spectators rooted in wonder.
  • Consistency is Key: Beyond its gilded visuals, Gold Rush stands as a testament to perfection in pyrotechnics. Every shot, every burst, every flicker remains true to its promise of delivering an unparalleled experience.


In the annals of history, the Gold Rush era was marked by dreams, desires, and the pursuit of the elusive. Today, with Gold Rush, the magic is rekindled, offering not just a firework but an emotion, an experience, a journey back in time. Let your celebrations be painted in the hues of gold, and let every heart resonate with the thrill of discovery. Embrace the Gold Rush, and let every moment be golden.

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20 in stock