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High Impact is an epic 2434-shot firework spectacle that crafts a mesmerising tale of brilliance in the night sky, making every event unforgettable.


20 in stock

20 in stock

Firework attribute - distance


8 Metres
Firework attribute - shots


Firework attribute - duration


240 Seconds
Firework attribute - noise level

Noise Level

Firework attribute - height of firework


20 Metres
Firework attribute - firing pattern

Firing Pattern

Firework attribute - distance from firework

Tube Size

Firework attribute - hazard category

Hazard Category

Firework attribute - weight

Powder Weight



High Impact Firework - A Majestic Sky Odyssey Awaits!

Dive deep into the world of pyrotechnics where the best tales are told not in words, but in brilliant bursts of colour and radiant showers of light. When you desire more than just a fleeting moment of awe, when you seek an entire saga that unfolds in front of your very eyes, High Impact stands unmatched.

  • An Ensemble of Excellence: High Impact is not just another firework; it is an opus, a symphony of six individual, display-quality cakes. Each one, a masterwork meticulously curated, and together, they form a grand alliance that narrates tales of beauty, awe, and wonder.
  • 2434 Shots of Pure Magic: It’s not merely about quantity but the story each shot tells. Every shot from High Impact is a chapter, with spiralling comets, vibrant peonies, radiant crossettes, and dazzling starbursts. Every burst invites the onlooker into a new realm of wonder, a fresh chapter in an epic sky-bound story.
  • The Theatre of Effects: Transcending the usual, High Impact brings forth an array of awe-inspiring pyrotechnic effects. Witness the splendour of golden willows transforming into silver fish, blue mines bursting into golden crackles, and red tails culminating into time rain. The night becomes an endless theatre of mesmerising transitions and transformations.
  • Four Grand Minutes of Glory: A lot can happen in 240 seconds. With High Impact, those four minutes become a timeless journey. As the firework takes over the night, time seems to stand still, creating a bridge between reality and an ethereal world of colours and sounds.
  • Safety and Precision at its Best: While High Impact dazzles and delights, safety remains paramount. Its straight firing pattern ensures a consistent and controlled display, promising both thrill and security.
  • A Testament to Passion and Craftsmanship: Behind High Impact lies a tale of dedication, expertise, and an undying love for pyrotechnics. It’s a testament to what happens when meticulous craftsmanship meets a vision to enthral.
  • An Affair to Remember: Special occasions demand exceptional memories. With High Impact, you’re not just creating memories; you’re crafting legends. Let every sparkle, every boom, and every colour resonate with the joy of the moment, creating an experience that lingers in the heart, long after the last light fades.


In a world filled with fleeting moments, High Impact offers a pause, an escape into the incredible. It’s not just a firework; it’s a promise of an evening where dreams take flight, where stories are painted across the vast canvas of the sky. For celebrations that deserve nothing less than extraordinary, the choice is clear: Let High Impact be the star, illuminating the night with tales of passion, beauty, and wonder.

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Original price was: £219.99.Current price is: £199.99.


20 in stock