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Spiders Web: A 42-second pyrotechnic marvel of 49 straight-fired shots. Watch as vibrant tails spin a radiant web of gold spiders and strobing stars, crafting an unparalleled celestial spectacle.


20 in stock

20 in stock

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25 Metres
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42 Seconds
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15 Metres
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Spiders Web: The Sky’s Lustrous Labyrinth in Firework Spendour

From the dark expanse of the night sky emerges the brilliance of Spiders Web, a pyrotechnic narrative that doesn’t just light up the night – it narrates a tale of intricate beauty, much like the intricate patterns woven by nature’s finest architects.

Firework Trail to Pyrotechnic Tapestry

Each shot is a journey. From the moment the vibrant green tail pierces the night, spectators know they’re in for a treat. As the tail rises, it metamorphoses into a glittering gold spider. But the spectacle doesn’t stop there; these golden marvels are accentuated by pulsating green strobe stars, creating a vivid tableau of luminance.

  • A Dance of Duality: The tale of two continues as a deep blue tail carves its path, culminating in another radiant gold spider. This time, the gold is complemented by mesmerising blue strobe stars. Together, they create a symphony of contrasts that dazzle the eyes and capture imaginations.
  • Precision and Poise: Thanks to its straight firing pattern, Spiders Web promises a performance where every shot, every burst, and every transformation is synchronized to perfection. The sequence is pure, uninterrupted, and utterly captivating, leaving no spectator untouched by its magnificence.


For 42 unforgettable seconds, Spiders Web will hold your audience in rapt attention, binding them in a web of wonder and delight. Beyond just a firework, it’s a testament to the allure of nature and the prowess of pyrotechnics, merging in harmonious splendour. Dive into this celestial dance and let every evening be wrapped in the grandeur of Spiders Web.

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Original price was: £78.49.Current price is: £54.99.


20 in stock