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Sunset Lights: Embrace 60 seconds of high-intensity magic with 64 straight-fired shots. From radiant strobes to mesmerising golden bursts, experience the essence of twilight captured and magnified in this celestial pyrotechnic display.


20 in stock

20 in stock

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8 Metres
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60 Seconds
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15 Metres
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Sunset Lights: The Twilight Firework Symphony of the Skies

Every sunset tells a story—a tale of the day’s end, painted in radiant hues and shimmering glows. But what if, instead of watching it once, you could experience that wonder again and again? With Sunset Lights, every night becomes a twilight encore, a reimagining of the sun’s parting embrace.

The Ultimate Firework Display Beyond Dusk

As the first shot fires, you’re greeted by a radiant array of coloured strobes. These aren’t mere lights; they’re the first hints of a setting sun, shimmering, dancing, and playing upon the night’s canvas, setting the scene for the spectacle to come.

  • Ripples of Radiance: Then, just as the sun’s rays play upon the ocean, wave bursts begin their dance. These patterns are nature’s own rhythm, rippling, cascading, and flowing across the vast expanse, painting scenes of serenity and majesty.
  • Golden Crescendo: But the twilight tale doesn’t end there. The sky is soon awash with coloured tails, each hinting at the brilliance to follow. And then, in a moment of sheer pyrotechnic poetry, they burst forth in golden splendour, a cascade reminiscent of the sun’s final, glorious bow.
  • A Minute of Magic: Over a generous 60-second duration, Sunset Lights consistently delivers. 64 shots, all in a precise straight pattern, ensure that the story never falters. From start to end, every second is a new verse, every burst a new line, in this ode to twilight.


In the realm of pyrotechnics, many displays promise wonder, but few capture the soul of a moment quite like Sunset Lights. It’s not just about the visuals, nor just about the sounds. It’s about recapturing the feeling of a perfect sunset and sharing it with the world. Let every night end with a reminder of nature’s beauty, as the skies light up with the magic of Sunset Lights.

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Original price was: £32.49.Current price is: £22.99.


20 in stock