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Tick Tock Boom: A 20-second firework display with 20 perfectly timed shots. Immerse in a vivid spectacle where vibrant tails and shimmering time rain converge in a dance of fleeting beauty.


20 in stock

20 in stock

Firework attribute - distance


8 Metres
Firework attribute - shots


Firework attribute - duration


20 Seconds
Firework attribute - height of firework


15 Metres
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Firing Pattern

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Tick Tock Boom: When Every Second Spells A Firework Spectacle

In the world of pyrotechnics, where grandeur is often measured by duration, Tick Tock Boom defies the norm. It’s a testament to the idea that brilliance isn’t bound by time—it’s all about the moment, the artistry, and the magic that unfolds.

A Firework Display Defined by Precision

20 shots. 20 seconds. It’s not just a statistic—it’s a promise of perfection. Each shot is a calculated performance, timed to the second, ensuring that the sky is painted with a ceaseless cascade of colour and light. From launch to finale, Tick Tock Boom is a masterclass in synchronisation.

  • Chasing Colours and Silver Rains: As red, green, and blue tails majestically ascend into the night, they morph into a mesmerising shower of silver time rain. This shimmering cascade is then punctuated with coloured stars that sparkle, twinkle, and eventually fade, mimicking the ethereal beauty of transient moments. It’s a visual representation of time itself—bright, fleeting, and utterly enchanting.
  • Direct. Focused. Unforgettable: The straight firing pattern of Tick Tock Boom isn’t just a technical detail; it’s a part of its charm. The firework commands attention, shooting straight into the heart of the sky, ensuring that every eye is drawn upwards, every heart is captivated, and every second counts.


Tick Tock Boom isn’t just another firework—it’s an experience. A fusion of precise timing, vivid visuals, and sheer passion. Whether you’re marking a special moment or just looking to add a touch of magic to the night, let this firework be your timekeeper, reminding you of the beauty that each fleeting second holds. Experience the magic, one tick at a time, with Tick Tock Boom.

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Original price was: £19.49.Current price is: £13.99.


20 in stock